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Family Events

Birthday parties, Anniversaries & Retirements!

By learning all about their life, their accomplishments and how they have left a print on so many hearts through the decorations and activities your event will be custom and reflect the special person that is being celebrated.

We can also help you celebrate a life of a loved one.

Memorial Celebrations require and a enormous amount of attention, care, attention to detail and respect they deserve, and Kita Events NW will deliver. Dignity is key, and we take the time to learn about your lost one’s likes, dislikes, foods, hobbies, music and much more to ensure your tribute is as wonderful as he/she was in life.

Silver Key Package


This package offers you just the right support as you get ready for your private event, allowing you to be present with your friends and family before the event begins.

  • Makes arrangements to pick up all décor and supplies prior to the event
  • Create a custom room map of your venue with details of table placement and room flow
  • Arrives with support staff in the hour the venue contract begins to complete the room set up and decorating
  • Upgrade to a Premium Silver Key Package and we will return after the event ends to breakdown all decorations, pack gifts and personal belongings so that you can just reminisce on all the fun you just had

Gold Key Package


This package offers you additional support before and throughout the wedding and includes everything in the Silver Key as well as the following:

  • Review all contracts of vendors hired for your event
  • Contacting all vendors to introduce KENW as point of contact
  • Meeting with the family & friends at venue for site visit – attends a property’s open house
  • Creates a custom event  schedule to highlight the times and details of your event
  • Direct and/ or assist with the final venue walk through with family & Vendors
  • Oversee & Manage all details and transitions throughout the event

Platinum Key Package


This package is a First Class option for your event. We will walk you through the entire planning process from ideas to execution. It includes all the duties of the Silver & Gold Key Package as well as the following:

  • Assist and recommend the perfect event professionals, set up and attend all meetings with up to 3 options in each category of venue, food, entertainment, décor, rentals, flowers and photo/ video production Offer unique ideas to create an extraordinary celebration
  • Guide you in selecting the perfect menu & create decorative menu for each guest, each table or the food service area
  • Support the hiring and negotiating process to create the perfect team of event professionals to serve you and your guests on the big day.
  • Arrange for a final event meeting to coordinate all details

At any time, if you have questions or need customization, contact us immediately! We want to hear from you!

There are a million reasons you might want to celebrate that special person in your life!


You have worked so hard over the years, making sure your family was taken care of and your business was running smoothly. It’s is your turn to hand over all the work and let us celebrate all that you have done. We can plan a small party in your home or a large event at the venue of your choice. We can serve your favorite food and drink all while all your favorite music floats through the room. We will take care of all the work….you have done enough!


It’s your party….do what you want! Birthday parties can be one of the best events to celebrate. We will show you off with a fun theme that represents you. This is the time where you get to sit back relax and get ready to have a blast. Your guests will commend you for giving them the time of their lives all while celebrating you. 30th…50th…70th…100th Let’s get ready to party!


After all that test prep and applying for colleges or applying for a job, the last thing you need is to plan your graduation. We will make it a smooth and easy process so that you can get quality time with your family, thanking them for all their support, your school friends, reminiscing on all the fun times you shared and the struggles you have overcome. Your Graduation party will be the perfect event to transition you to the next chapter of your life.

Baby Showers

Let’s celebrate new life! With a baby on the way and all the preparation you have to do, planning a baby shower could add unwanted stress. Your best girlfriends and family get to enjoy the process with you at your shower. We can plan for some belly aching laughs with silly games, a day of beauty and pampering or an afternoon where we shower the new momma with love and encouragement. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Celebration of Life

You may have a loved one who is passing or has already passed away, and there are so many details that need to be arranged. You will get a custom event either at the perfect venue or a warm and welcoming celebration in your home. You will not worry about entire reception planning process because we will take it off your shoulders, giving you the gift of quality time with your family and friends. Supporting and caring for you and your family during this time is our number one priority.


Your annual holiday party has been getting bigger and bigger every year and it is time to turn all the work over to us. Each year we will create a custom event with new and exciting activities, new flavors of food and drink and a new experience for your guests. Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July…You get to celebrate and have fun while we take care of the work.

“Krista is exactly the type of person you want running your event. She is detailed and action orientated with a huge smile and friendly personality. One thing that I was most impressed by Krista with is not only her attention to throwing an amazing, smooth running and fun party, but also how keyed into the family she is. She notices if Grandma needs something and is first to jump up to help. She is genuine and sharp. I definitely recommend Krista!”

– An Exceptional Guest –

At any time, if you have questions or need customization, contact us immediately! We want to hear from you!