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Hi, I’m Krista.

Hello there friends my name is Krista and I am a life long Seattlite. I grew up in a family where holidays and special occasions were a big deal with good food on the table, beautiful handmade decorations about the house, and live music coming from the living room. I caught the “party planning bug” from my mom. My first event I ever planned was a Halloween party in the 4th grade where I invited the entire class. I spent weeks cleaning out the old garage of my Mom’s 1920’s home to create the spookiest haunted house in town. My childhood friends still remembered it when we were at our 10 year high school reunion!

Just in case you were wondering…

The name Kita came from my baby cousin, who 20 years ago could not say Krista…I wear that nickname proudly!

I may have a borderline addiction to peanut butter. So if you see me in the kitchen with a spoonful of peanut butter… just walk away slowly!

I love to dance and have been known to cut a rug at the most unexpected moments!

I met Robin Williams in “Old Portland”.

I have never been able to wink an eye or raise an eyebrow and it make me truly jealous!

My favorite anonymous quote is “Love life and life will love you back!”

Meet our Sales & Design Manager!

Her name is Sarah….with an “h” and she grew up a native of Snohomish County. She has the best laugh ever and is a design & fashion addict! It’s kinda weird….I know…but she has a degree in French Communications from Seattle Pacific University.  She has a ton of energy and loves to be around others, especially when she can sing loud and be her goofy self. She is married to a great nerd (like herself) named David and they have a fur baby named Moses and 4 chickens, laying fresh eggs daily.  She caught the party planning bug as a server and has been in love with it ever since.

The juicy stuff on Sarah

She has cried at every wedding she has ever witnessed!

She is a Goal setting Junkie

She considers herself a 1 (wo)man song and dance show

Planner Assistant
& Day of Wedding Coordinator

Shellie has lived in the Pacific NW all her life and is an Edmonds resident. She never ceases the opportunity to tell a joke or sing no matter who is listening! She has developed her planning skills working as an activity director for a local senior community. Shellie says when she ever gets married…most of her guests will be the senior residents she worked with!  She is full of fun and is a very dedicated person to her work, her family and her church. Shellie caught the party planning bug when She was 20, she realized how much she loves to organize event spaces and wedding decor.

Things you can tease Shellie about

She loves the smell of rain & old books

Her family claims relations to Bing Crosby

She is a 2nd Generation “trekkie” and loves to watch the Golden Girls

What makes Kita Events different?

With over 18 years of customer service, project management, catering, event coordinating, floral
design and a life of community service; we are the ultimate partner you need for planning your next

“I have to say that you did a great job with your event management and execution. Being in the entertainment business for 11 years I have had the pleasure of working with 100’s of event planners that range from highly organized to the weekend warrior. I enjoyed the locally sourced food truck, simple and effective presentation and your personal interaction with vendors and clients. Heck, you even earned bonus points in my book for taking about Nintendo back in the day!”

– Josh, Event Vendor –

At any time, if you have questions or need customization, contact us immediately! We want to hear from you!