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In this industry there are a TON of moving parts and as planners, or coordinators it is our job to keep track of all those moving parts and make sure that they fit in place smoothly. I have been reflecting on the events we have done this year and it is so funny to me when I hear a site manager say to me…”oh you are going to take care of that?” What I mean by that is there are a lot of “event coordinators” that are showing up for the event and nothing before or after. For a wedding last May, we were literally hired to do the set up and take down for a coordinator who said…”that’s not my job”! I have been so confused as to why would a client hire a coordinator or a planner that does not set up for the event and break down for the event and then have to hire another company to do all of that work. Maybe we are living in a new world but we will never work for a client and not be on site for everything. Our philosophy is that we are there to support, not only our clients, but all vendors and even the guests. If the guests are not enjoying the event, than it is a bust….if the vendors are struggling…than it is a bust. We believe that as an event planner it is our job to make sure that every piece of the event is a successful one, even if it is not really our job…it is really our job!