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 On December 29th 2016, 3 days after a perfect Christmas, my mom took her last breaths swaddled in my arms. Even though I knew that someday this moment would come, I still was not prepared for the amount of loss I have experienced. For the most part my memories are incredibly happy to the point of hysterical laughing as my mom was a total goofball! But to this day I have a missing piece in my heart.

I am sharing this with you because I want to point out how much gratitude I feel to be in the career that I am in. Unbenounced to me, I have found a community and a family with in the clients that I work with that is absolutely unbelievable! To be able to share life’s adventures with Mother of the Brides, or Wife of the 85 year old Birthday Boy, to witness a groom’s niece take her first few steps at a wedding and to build a friendship with another event professional getting excited that his daughter is starting preschool, is truly such a blessing. The reward I get is beyond anything that money can provide. It is the connection of spiritual cores and the bond of mutual experiences that gives me the fulfillment for the loss I once had. To all the mommys out there….Thank you!