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I bet you have been wondering….“what does a party planner do for their birthday?” 

Well here is a little story of how my party came about!

About 2 years ago I met this event planner who I originally contacted for pricing on a Santa Claus for a holiday brunch. She then called me later that spring to see if I was interested in meeting and sharing what it was like running an event planning company. I was very excited as I have been looking for a fellow event planner that I could buddy up with where we could share our secrets, stories and help each other grow as event planners. Well, just that happened and over the last year we have had a blast working together and supporting each other!

One day she called me to get my thoughts on an idea she had for a custom event that would mostly take place on a bus and could include almost any activity in any city you could imagine. She described how she would take special things about the people, the team or the company celebrating, whether it was a birthday party, a bachelor party, or a company team building event and create an afternoon or evening of surprise.

I loved the idea so much I immediately volunteered to be her guinea pig!!! She then sent me an email asking questions about myself and my partner Kevin as our birthdays are 6 days apart, what we liked, didn’t like, what sports we played, what we do in our spare time, our favorite foods, and so on. I provided the food and beverages and invited a group of friends that I knew would be “up for anything” and we embarked on an adventure of a blind folded scavenger hunt, eating doughnuts, singing, salsa dancing with balloons between our knees and almost getting arrested by a pretend cop who sang us a custom song in the tune of “Isn’t she lovely” by one of my all time favorites, Stevie Wonder!!! My favorite part of the song was when he sang that Kevin was from “Dela-where?” It was truly the best birthday I have ever had and here is the video to prove it!