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Over the 5 years in business I have had several headshot sessions. I have been happy with every one of them, but working with Lara Grauer Photography was just a bit different. We started by meeting at the studio so I could get a feel of where the magic took place. Her studio was in her home which made it a comfortable space to begin with. She showed me samples of her work and then directed the conversation to find out what I would be using the photos for and who I wanted to attract. On the photoshoot day she asked me to bring a few different outfits and had a space for me to do my own hair and makeup. I could have chosen to have her hair and makeup artist come but I preferred to do my own. Her husband and her provided snacks, coffee and water and even put on a playlist of my favorite music to keep me excited and the mood upbeat.

The session was a lot of fun and she really kept me relaxed…having a camera in your face can feel a little awkward after about 30 minutes but I enjoyed the entire 2 hours!. She even went out and got some balloons and flowers as I am event planner it made the pictures super welcoming and fun. The hardest part was choosing my favorites but she worked with me giving me some great outside feedback so that I could choose the pictures that would allow me to connect with my clients. She modified the sizes of some pictures so that they could fit in very specific places on my website and a few weeks after that I got a beautiful box tied with candy and a bow of prints to give out as gifts to family.

Laura Grauer is the perfect combination of professional and fun allowing me to be myself and providing a high quality product that I will be able to use for years and years.