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Event planner Krista Larrison announced that this month she is celebrating the 5th anniversary of Kita Events Northwest.

“I have always loved getting people together and hanging out, planning food and decor,” she says. Then came a simple suggestion from an acquaintance to start an event planning business. “I never thought that I would be a business owner,” Larrison says.

When it comes to event planning, Larrison takes on a bit of everything, from weddings to office parties to anniversary celebrations.
“I am working to make Kita Events Northwest ‘The Event Resource,’ where people can have a place to get the highest quality of event vendors and resources for decorations and supplies,” she says. Larrison will work with clients who want to host events in a variety of places — from their own home or office to a rented event venue.

“I love growing with the families I work with,” she says. “It starts with a wedding, then a birthday party, then a wedding anniversary, then an annual holiday party and transitions into a corporate event. I love seeing how the kids grow each year.” Larrison says her favorite time of every event she plans “is when the party is full on and I get a moment to stand in the back of the room and watch the families, the friends, the co-workers laughing, dancing, building relationships and making memories.”

“Our memories are the most important thing that we carry with us. They shape our experiences and move us forward,” she says. Larrison, who is an active member of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, notes that “Edmonds has always had my heart. My mom and I would come down to the beach in the summers to catch jelly fish and eat burgers in the sun. I am so blessed to get the opportunity to work in Edmonds and the surrounding Pacific Northwest areas.”

She volunteers for the We All Belong Snohomish County Emergency Cold Weather Shelter, and since 2009 has been driving the bus that transports people in need of shelter. She also donates a portion of her annual proceeds to support the organization.