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If you have already been married or hosted a large event, you know that over the last decade, RSVP’ing has become almost a lost art.

Many clients ask me how long shall they give their guests to RSVP and I always emphasize to give the final cut off for RSVP’s at least 1 month before the wedding or event date. The reason I recommend so long is that the host or Bride and Groom will be spending a lot of time calling their non-RSVP’ing guests tracking down if they are coming or not.

So, How important is giving your RSVP? It’s very important! Most venues, and caters require a final guest count between 15 and 30 days before the event. It is not nice to keep your host waiting and can add a lot of unwanted and unneeded stress to the host.

A little tip to the guests…..RSVP right away. It gives you more time to plan your trip if you have to make travel plans, your chances of getting the time off work, if needed are higher by asking early and once the RSVP is in there is nothing to worry about. Well except maybe “what to wear”!