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laurel_place_0007This year we had our 4th annual Halloween party. We invite many of our work associates as well as the neighbors and use this time to network. My husband is a mortgage broker and gets a lot of good prospective clients at this party. That is why we hired Krista and her team at Kita Events Northwest. Each year the party gets bigger and bigger and Kita’s team gets better and better. Our first year we had 60 and this year we had over 140 adults and children. Most people worry when there are so many people in their home but I don’t. As the years go by and the party gets bigger it has also gotten more and more flawless. We added Kita’s Bartending services this year and she brought on an additional server. The food was hot and plentiful and I didn’t have to do a thing. I can’t wait to start planning for next year and I know Kita Events Northwest will do a great job!
~Mary C. Woodway, WA