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2aIt’s never easy owning and running your own business. But having the opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments with those who have supported you along the way is so important. You put in endless hours, invest your hard earned money and put yourself out there taking a chance every day. When is the right time to stop and take a break to look back at all you have done. I have found that if I don’t schedule time off I could work day in and day out. That is not always the best way to be successful. To find that work/ life balance can be a challenge. I remember when I first started my business, I though that the more hours I put in, the more I would benefit. Well I was wrong and I’m sure you know what I mean. Now I make sure that I stop during the day for some deep breathing, a walk in the warm sun, a hot tea break or a phone call to a family member, just to say I’m thinking about them. I want my business to last and now I know that if I’m not taken care of, I cant take care of business. What will you do to take care of yourself?